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Remastered in 3D

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What happens when you re-render the old masters in 3D?

A new commercial by Samsung, posted by ClassicsRemastered


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April 13, 2010 at 21:45

Reflections and Visa Versa

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It is often apparent how one idea is able to influence another. It is also common to see certain aspects of popular trends adapted, repackaged and then fed back to the original trend setter.

Japanese pop princess, Ayumi Hamasaki has been delivering her unique blend of techno-pop melody and fashion for over a full decade. Most of her tracks involve one type of synth-machine or another and her lyrics are saturated with the untethered force of raw passion. In 2007, another princess icon emerged from the rough, sporting large-framed sunglasses and a taste for fame; Lady GaGa.

Lady GaGa and Ayumi Hamasaki

GaGa matured her style from rock to dance in the streets of lower Manhattan while Ayumi continued performing overseas throughout Asia. Like Ayu, GaGa’s songs also strongly reflected her emotions and held little back. The two never met, but these days ideas travel in a single heartbeat, and the industry began to consume the similarities between the sister artists. Lady GaGa’s music became more techno and flashy, mimicking the beats of some of Ayu’s most famous tracks. GaGa also began to show off her lust for vogue within the content of her videos and by 2008 she became known as the freak of fashion that she is today.

Normally one icon veers away from the styles of another, but a machine was stirring in the Eastern Hemisphere. Ayu’s songs have always held a more western appearance and producer AVEX has never shied away from observing the New York trends. The music of Ayu borrows heavily from the 80’s and 90’s electro pulse of western pop and her albums continued to synthesize tech pop-rhythms well into the new millennium. Then GaGa brought dance back to the radio and returned the music industry to the catwalk, wearing a custom pair of the late Alexander McQueen’s newest kicks.

Lady GaGa’s global presence soon out-weighed that of Ayu, whom is centered only around Asia. AVEX could not ignore the phenomenon that became known as such. After Bad Romance was released in the states, it took only 4 months before Ayu began strutting through her music videos in 7-inch heels.

Lady GaGa in Bad Romance and Ayumi Hamasaki in Sexy Little Things

The comparison of these two talented performers is inevitable and as one artistic vision begins to project onto another the trend will once again reverse. A similar event occurred in the early 1950’s when Osamu Tezuka changed the Japanese comic world by introducing a softer, rounder version of manga that looked less Japanese and more American. His influences were that of Betty Boop and Disney and with his vision, a new form of imagery was born in the state of the Rising Sun. Later, in the late 20th century, manga imports grew in the United States and, due to the intense popularity, American illustrators began adapting a more Japanese approach to their art work. The same is now being said about Ayu and GaGa. One of Ayu’s newest songs is even titled “Lady Dynamite” and features stunning fashion concepts, including high shoulder pads and dramatic makeup.

Ayu on the left.  GaGa to the right.

So will the real “Lady” please stand up? The truth seems evident that they are creations of one another, twins of the perpetual concept of connected creations. It is evolution – in that one species lives and feeds within the same world as others. We are all connected by the drive to succeed and, intentional or not, we are bound to reflect one another at some point in our combined existence.  Of course, it might take a genius to truly break the trends of the industries… and true geniuses are rare and few between.

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April 10, 2010 at 21:51

Oatmeal, The

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“They were right. It was a gimmick,” Inman admits. “So, I was, like, why not make that gimmick into its own giant thing? And that’s where the Oatmeal came from.”

Most of you will already know the greatness that is The Oatmeal and his dotcom creations. The sarcastic ire and viral presence of his visual productions and text-filled hilarity have generated a substantial sum of traffic over the googolplexes of pages on the net.

So what makes this notion of pop humor so deserving of our attention?

Perhaps nothing more than veteran minimalism.  From one extreme to the other, all humankind has been born onto this Earth with the inherit concept of approval and empathy. Near-extinct remnants echoing the skills of survival now emerge in the form of comprehension – the need to relate.

There is a single, simple element to the Oatmeal’s work – and that, friends, is where the complexity begins .

For more about Matthew Inman, visit his site or read this here article

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April 8, 2010 at 03:20

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Tim and Eric’s Awesome New Old Spice Commercials

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Tim and Eric of the Tim and Eric Awesome Show now have an even awesome’r commercial deal.

This one has been on the air already

This one has yet to come

Old Spice – Pure Awesome

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April 7, 2010 at 12:41

Within the Folds

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Ever wanted to show your sophistication and talent by handing that special, utmost deserving, somebody a wedgie? What about an origami wedgie?

Some more amazing work by origami artist, Joseph Wu

Warai Frogs

Arctic Char

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March 25, 2010 at 07:22

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Curling 2010

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Curling.  A sporting event which, according to Wikipedia, is absolutely irrelevant to most other athletic endeavors and bares a great deal of resemblance to a popular cruise ship pastime.

Now Canada’s second favorite sporting event, the concept of Curling has always been to get the ailsite to deliver swiftly and cleanly via broom, (without ever leaving the iced-over surface,) to the marked target known by players as simply, “The House”.  The sport was said to originate in Scotland and might be considered an alternative form of the more prominent Hurling;  with the exception that Hurling is a sport which requires quite a bit more physical exertion.  Then again, I have never taken up the broom myself.  Perhaps the sport of stone-sliding is truck loads of fun.  Curling was made an official Olympic event in 1998 and has been played ever since.  What surprises me most is the sudden spike in popularity.  Curling has not received this much attention since the 1965 release of the Beatles movie, Help!

Even The Simpsons seem to have picked up the passion for sweeping hog-to-hog.

…the show’s writers used a little creative license to declare mixed curling a demonstration sport. Other details they tried to get right by watching curling on YouTube and talking to actual curlers, including the Clarks and Rick Patzke, the chief operating officer of USA Curling.

“I would trouble them with the most mundane questions about curling,” LaZebnik said. “It was the equivalent of asking A-Rod, ‘Where do you stand in the batters box?'”

NBC Olympics
Associated Press

Well, maybe not quite that similar.  Half the world knows who A-Rod is; no imputation to Clark and Patzke.   It seems that most of the reception with regards to the Simpson episode, featuring both Homer and Marge participating in the Olympics as Curlers, saw the event as little more than an effort to derive attention to the sport from the show’s diverse audience.  In actuality, this may or may not be the case; regardless…the concept worked.

Curling is now making its way into the sub-cultural pastimes of youths and young professionals alike throughout North America.  It may not be baseball, but in terms of entertainment, it sure beats shuffleboard.

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February 21, 2010 at 13:57

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For the Betterment of Your Submission

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Political propaganda of North Korea acquired by collector, David Heather

More from the BBC

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February 12, 2010 at 03:33

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