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Curling 2010

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Curling.  A sporting event which, according to Wikipedia, is absolutely irrelevant to most other athletic endeavors and bares a great deal of resemblance to a popular cruise ship pastime.

Now Canada’s second favorite sporting event, the concept of Curling has always been to get the ailsite to deliver swiftly and cleanly via broom, (without ever leaving the iced-over surface,) to the marked target known by players as simply, “The House”.  The sport was said to originate in Scotland and might be considered an alternative form of the more prominent Hurling;  with the exception that Hurling is a sport which requires quite a bit more physical exertion.  Then again, I have never taken up the broom myself.  Perhaps the sport of stone-sliding is truck loads of fun.  Curling was made an official Olympic event in 1998 and has been played ever since.  What surprises me most is the sudden spike in popularity.  Curling has not received this much attention since the 1965 release of the Beatles movie, Help!

Even The Simpsons seem to have picked up the passion for sweeping hog-to-hog.

…the show’s writers used a little creative license to declare mixed curling a demonstration sport. Other details they tried to get right by watching curling on YouTube and talking to actual curlers, including the Clarks and Rick Patzke, the chief operating officer of USA Curling.

“I would trouble them with the most mundane questions about curling,” LaZebnik said. “It was the equivalent of asking A-Rod, ‘Where do you stand in the batters box?'”

NBC Olympics
Associated Press

Well, maybe not quite that similar.  Half the world knows who A-Rod is; no imputation to Clark and Patzke.   It seems that most of the reception with regards to the Simpson episode, featuring both Homer and Marge participating in the Olympics as Curlers, saw the event as little more than an effort to derive attention to the sport from the show’s diverse audience.  In actuality, this may or may not be the case; regardless…the concept worked.

Curling is now making its way into the sub-cultural pastimes of youths and young professionals alike throughout North America.  It may not be baseball, but in terms of entertainment, it sure beats shuffleboard.


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February 21, 2010 at 13:57

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